Smart Healthcare solutions

We provide a consolidated platform where medical service providers to provide enough
information about themselves and their services.


From a doctor's e-prescription, Script uploading on EasyHealth to OTC requesting, your whole prescription requirements on 1 platform.

Medical Requests

EasyHealth gives everyone the same charge because service providers state their price in advance. EasyHealth is for clarity and fairness


We provide a comprehensive clinical outcome for the patient to both the patient and the sponsor.


Be in charge of your finances and decision making. Our team of experts have simplified these procedures through our smart app.

Live in Care and
or Home Visits

We provide qualified and verified nurses and nursing aids in your home setting. Interview them yourselves ? Why not, you will be involved in the selection of who comes into your home.

We promise patient uncompromised confidentiality, a safe and secure system

We also request all healthcare providers to provide an up to date practicing certificate that we verify manually with the MDPCZ. Sponsors on the other hand ,provide very high level personal information such as name , mobile number and email address. This information allows us to process requests when they get registered on the system and to give a step by step update on the referral / request, until patient is discharged . We provide a one stop shop for managing a patient clinical episode.
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