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1Medical Provider
The medical provider states their price well in advance. Less risk of falling victim to overcharging.
2The Sponsor
The sponsor has full control of the process of choosing the medical practitioner, after all , s/he is the one paying.    
3Our Interface
The system provides a list of medical practitioners matching sponsors criteria. For example, a sponsor can look for a medical practitioner who specialises in skin and skin conditions (dermatology) , who is in Harare and who provides home visits. The list of such practitioners matching that criteria is presented. The sponsor then chooses one of their choice, using information such as opening times, price etc.
Sponsor has the opportunity to request appointment time of their choice, subject to it being confirmed by the medical practitioner
5Payment Confirmation
Once appointment is confirmed, only then can payment be made to the service provider.
Payment is made directly to the medical practitioner. What is shown as their fee is what they get.
7Clinical Outcome
The medical practitioner has a duty to provide a clinical outcome. This is a summary of what they have done in the clinic and what needs to happen moving forward.
8Patient Consent
With the patient's consent, the clinical outcome details can be passed to the sponsor. No consent, no sharing!
9Relocated patient?
If my mother then ends up in a different town and another clinical episode is needed, the new medical provider in that new town is able to see clinical notes from the previous episode , giving a continuous ,traceable patient medical journey.
10Electronic prescription
Electronic prescription , legacy scripts and OTC are all catered for on the portal.  
11Procedure Request
The hustles of requesting for procedures and still be in charge of financial decision making is a trick our team of experts have mastered into an easy solution. Procedure requesting is as easy as 1-2-3 with EasyHealth.
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